Welcome to PerformBetter online powered by Sports Science and our partner Advanced Sports Performance. A place where you can get trusted advice and feel confident in your purchase that we have tried, test and believe in every product we sell. 

Who are we?

We are a passionate bunch of people who carry various expertise such as Sports Scientist and Sports Professionals Coaches. We have been in the business of performance and recovery training for just over 17+ years and now have launched our online store to help more people with their gains. 

Why did PB come about? 

How often have you googled a product for a performance or recovery need and you just not quite sure if it is going to help you? How often are you just not sure what you need but need something to solve a need or problem area. eg. what do you use for sore calves or how do you recover when you are training 5+ days a week? 

Rest assured we are here to help and have vast experience in training and recovery, we are here either via phone call or email away. 

Our Partners

Our partner Advanced Sports Performance has been dedicated to training athletes of all ages for over a decade and help with the product testing and use a great deal of our equipment. If products we test don't meet the PB Standard then we will simply not sell waste your time or sell it on our store. Value is everything. 

The Chillout Recovery Lounge (CRL) is an event business that helps athlete receive the best treatments pre/mid and post competition. CRL has worked at some of the best festival and events in SA. St Mary's Hockey Festival, TheBattle Crossfit event, LMS - Last man Standing, St Peters Polo and multi sport Festivals, 10's Super Events to name a few and Engen Knockout Challenge across South Africa. 

Our goals:

Our goal is to help people get better, feel better and put them on a path to sporting success. Success comes when you do the right bunch of things diligently every day and having the right tools which that you can find on PerformBetter.co.za which will aid you you in unlocking your potential, sooner. 

Your success is our success and we look forward to helping you on your journey! 

Kind Regards

Sean Van Staden
Sports Scientist
Owner of PerformBetter SA &
Advanced Sports Performance 
&theChillTub Recovery Lounge


Head Office:

Our head office is located at 140 Side Road West Turffontein, Johannesburg, South. 

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You can contact us on:

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