First Post - Long over due! Welcome to

sean van staden

Hello fellow PB shoppers, athletes, coaches, moms, dads, weekend warriors and professional athletes. In fact hello to everyone who is visiting my site and a warm Welcome! 

To start things off, I am Sean van Staden and I own Advanced Sports Performance, a professional-grade sports science company dedicated primarily to young and aspiring athletes, teams and clubs. 

I have a team of professionals around me who are each bring a unique dynamic to the lives of our athletes. In short, we bring to the lives of young athletes what professional athletes get every day. 

I found ASP on 2 simple questions:

1. Why did I get hurt growing up and had to go for career-ending surgery &

2. Where the hell was all the Sports Scientist during my developmental years.

I and my team believe in empowering South African athletes to reach their full potential. We equip them with tools to succeed and most important tools to prevent injury and increase human performance from as young at 7 years of age to Pro. is our baby and this store came about by helping our clients make better choices in tools for performance and tools for recovery. 

We at ASP try, test and use the equipment we sell. If it doesn't make the quality standard and add REAL value to your life, we simply don't sell it! 

I want you to say for hopefully every purchase, "Wow i am so glad i bought that"

We offer expert advice, 16 training of training and passion for what we do. We do sit behind a desk and tell you how nice the packaging is, we use our products and that helps us to give you a better understanding of its function, quality and necessity. 

I will be open and honest, if you are looking for cheap equipment, you better off buying from your local supermarket. If you are looking for reliable, durable and well-priced sporting performance and recovery equipment, then you have come to the right place. 

I personally hate buying anything and it breaks within a few weeks, so i won't sell it even it is half the price. If you have a problem with your equipment, we assess and if it is a manufacturing fault, we replace. Quality and customer satisfaction is very important to us. 

Enough chit-chatting, 

Enjoy our store, feel free to call us and please share our link and your experience to all your friends. 

Kind Regards
Sean & the PB Team