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Sanitiser Pocket Pen

Germ Ninja

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Germ Ninja is a product for under our very own GERM NINJA brand. 

It is important to know that not all santiser are created equal. We use Ethanol which is food grade santiser. You do get cheaper Isopropyl alcohol which is made from fossil fuels like oil and petrol. 

We have always strived to make sure we bring you quality products because we feel you deserve the best. No one wants cracked dry hands or hands that feel dirty even after you have sprayed them 

Introducing Germ Ninja Re-Usable Pocket Sanitising Pen. It is sleek, think and can be tucked away like a pen. No more going to the grocery stores and using inferior santiser at the doors. Be protected everywhere you go and most importantly, it's your own. 

Keep safe with 70% Food Grade / Distillery Grade Germ Ninja Sanitiser. 

SANS approved! 

Perfect for:

  • Factor workers using public transport
  • Moms and dads doing shopping 
  • Kids at school
  • Elderly 
  • Nursery School Kids

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