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Germ Ninja Retail "Shipper" is for Gyms, CrossFit studios, Groceries stores, Yoga Studios, Physiotherapy Studios, Chiropractic Studios and any retail out that deals with the public. Business can earn additional revenue for your practices or stores by placing the "Covid Essential" at the front desk. 

Sales can vary for the site to the site here is the number from the Engen Redruth Engen 
- On a shelf - Sales - 30 - 40 pens a week on two shippers next to each other

- Cashier display - 80-120 pens a week on two tills and shippers

Retail Prices:

  • Re-usable Pocket Santiser Pen                R19.99 (wholesale 14.99)
  • Up too 1000x Spray Germ Ninja Refil      R24.99 (wholes sale R18.75)

*Please note, retail pricing is universal, Pens and refills must be sold at the above prices

25% Roi - For bulk quantities please contact us on