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Professional Resistance Band Loops are continuous loop elastic bands in the recognized Thera-Band® color progression. They can be used for a variety of applications, particularly lower body exercises to increase strength and balance.

Band Loop resistance is aligned with the resistance level of a regular band tied into a loop. Band Loops are individually poly-bagged and accompanied by safety instructions.

Band Loops by TheraBand® comes in 4 colours, each represents a certain strength, see below:


  • Yellow (Extra-Light)
  • Red (Light) 
  • Green (Medium)
  • Blue (Heavy) 

This product is great for strengthen the glutes, knees, ankles. We use them in our warm up, prehabilitation and high performance training segments. 


  • Athletes with knee pain and muscle imbalance
  • Athletes suffering from reoccurring ankle twists and sprains
  • Athletes wanting to working on muscle activation
  • Perfect for pre game warm up
  • Great for injury prevention