Sports Massage Bed (Portable/Mobile)


Massage Bed


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Deluxe portable massage table

Whether you are starting your massage business or have a practice, you need to ask yourself the three most important questions before buying!

  1. Is it durable and can handle an adult male?
  2. is it sturdy but light and mobile to carry around?
  3. Does it come with a warranty?

The last thing you want to be doing is investing in a portable sports massage bed and you find out it is too heavy, feels flimsy and scares your clients when they climb onto your bed. 

Rest assured our massage beds are imported and made in Germany and come with a full 12-month factory warranty. Germans are known for their attention to detail and quality and that is why you can handle the weight of TWO newly born baby elephants. Approximately 270kg. 

If you would like us to demo this, we keep a few elephants in the backroom for testing. 

Massage Bed Dimensions:

186cm (L) x 68cm (W) x 58-85cm (H)

Working Weight:  Up to 270 KG
Table Weight: 18 KG
Portable: Yes
Features: Face hole, headrest, arm sling, side armrests, and height-adjustable
Section: 3 section massage table with backlift function
Colour: Black

Includes FREE carry bag worth R299!