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The most advanced automated speed gates you can buy and best part, you don't pay for additional software to store your athletes data. No monthly or yearly fees of any sort. This is why Swift Performance is a cut above the rest. 


  • Great for accurate 5m & 10m acceleration training
  • Explosive power & cadence training
  • SpeedLight wireless dual-beam timing gate with world-leading accuracy
  • SpeedStart wireless starting device to give accurate and consistent 0-5m & 0-10m times
  • SpeedMat wireless jump mat for testing explosive power and training cadence
  • SpeedLink wireless bridge for iPad & iPhone

Dual-beam accuracy & consistency

Our policy of using first principles to determine the time of switching is undisputed for its reliability. When there are athletes of varying height dual beams effectively filter the variance caused by such discrepancies. Thousands of athletes have been tested using the tried and proven Swift SpeedLight system in Australia and throughout the world.

Swift SpeedLight = Swift quality

Reliability comes with quality of build. Since 1994 Swift has focused on creating field proven, long lasting products.  Good equipment is a worthy investment and pays off with years of reliable testing. You can trust that the Swift SpeedLight is the best performing sports monitoring system available.

Agility & sport-specific training

With the bright lights and loud buzzer on the timing lights, you can use the system for sport-specific training. Use the included standard tests, or design your own with almost endless flexibility. The Swift SpeedLight provides multiple possibilities and gives you control. 


System Specs for SpeedStarter Plus

  • 1 x V2 Light Gate
  • 2 x tripods,
  • 1 x SpeedMat
  • 1 x SpeedStart,
  • 1 x Speedlink,
  • 1 x Range Extender,
  • 2 x Chargers,
  • 1 x Carry Case)
  • *iPad not included

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