SKLZ Recoil 360 Speed & Power Trainer


Resistance Training


baseball, Basketball, Resistance training, soccer, Speed and Agility


The SKLZ Recoil 360 resistance trainer helps serious athletes maximize power, speed and vertical jump. The SKLZ Recoil is engineered with a “free floating” ring for 360 degrees of movement, providing you with the flexibility to conduct multi-directional training and use with or without a partner. The Recoil 360's sheathed cable stretches from 2.43m to 6.70m, giving you the distance you need for any drill and any training movement. The Recoil 360 increases in resistance as you stretch it further, going from 3.62kg up to 22.6kg of resistance. This increase forces you to drive harder and stay active in your base, creating more powerful, explosive movements. Athletes know that sports do not take place in a single direction. That's why the Recoil 360 resistance and assistance trainer is the perfect tool to maximize your speed, power, and performance on the field or on the court


  • Resistance training aid
  • Improves power, speed and vertical jump
  • Engineered with a "free floating" ring
  • Sheathed cable stretches from 2.43m to 6.70m
  • Resistance increases from 3.62kg to 22.6kg
  • Designed for solo use or for training with a partner
  • Includes comfortable, durable belt

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