Ice Packs (Recovery)
Ice Packs (Recovery)



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ice packs

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Ice packs are every athletes dream recovery tool. When you train, there is a lot of friction and resistance on your muscles, joints, and tendons. At ASP we recommend that you place ice packs on you ankles, knees, lower back, elbows and any other area that has been stress during your game. 

Ideally and ice bath is essential for faster recover but ICE PACKS are the next best thing. Every athlete should have at least 2 - 4 ice packs in the deep freeze, ready for use. 


Get heat or cold therapy with our Hot or Cold Deluxe Reusable Gel Pack. The gel inside can heat up to 60°C or cool down to -12°C. Covered with durable, waterproof, nylon fabric.

Convenient and great to have on hand to administer hot or cold therapy when you need it. Heat therapy can soothe sore muscles, improve blood and lymph circulation, and increase motility and flexibility. Cold therapy reduces swelling and helps heal acute injuries.