Agility and Speed


Mini Cones, resistance bands, Resistance training, Skipping Rope, SPEED


ASP 6 Week Strength Agility and Conditioning Homework Program

ASP has carefully developed a sports science homework to help athletes of all 7 to 17 develop during school shut down due to the Corona Virus. 

Parents are stress what to do with their children and aspiring athletes and athletes that have been training so hard can't go anywhere and this is why we have developed the program to help you keep in shape over this period. 

Below is some key essential equipment piece you can buy to assist in your training. the equipment is no compulsory to buy but it is recommended. 

Included in the pack:

1. SkLZ skipping Rope: Used for Quicker feet, more age and increase cardiovascular efficiency. (R290)

2. SKLz Pro Band: used for pre-game muscle activation, resistance training and full-body workout (R239)

3. Mini Bands: used for hip, knee and ankle stability and injury prevention as well as glute development (R119)

4. Mini Cones (20):  Agility drills, homework sequences and to mark out distances (R240)