10's CRL Recovery Lounge

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PerformBetter.co.za by ASP Sports Science


The ChillOut Recovery Lounge powered by ASP Sports Science & theChillTub is the Official & Exclusive Sports Science Recovery partner to the 10's Series. 

We look after you at every event with the latest sports science recovery tools, massages, ice baths, strapping and compression technology. Our Recovery Coaches are on standby to help you recover better so that you can go for longer! 

We are offering you some pre-event exclusive specials and it will be valid for this event. Please note that treatments at the special rate are only valid in pre-event purchases and not on the day. 

10s CRL Rugby Recovery - Combo 1

  • Ice Chilltub Experience
  • Hot ChillTub Experience
  • Sports Specific Massage

·      Individual Normal Recovery Price: R650

·       Special Recovery Price: R400


Team Normal Recovery Price (20): R13 000

Special Recovery Price (20): R7000



10s CRL Netball Recovery - Combo 2

  • Leg & Lower Back Massage
  • Knee, Ankle or Elbow Rock Tape Strapping (two body parts)

Normal Price: R550

Special Pre-Event Price: R300


10s CRL Dodgeball Recovery - Combo 3

  • Ice ChillTub Experience
  • Lactic Acid Arm Flush
  • Lactic Leg flush

·      Individual Normal Recovery Price: R650

·    Special Recovery Price: R400


Team Normal Recovery Price (7): R4550

Special Recovery Price (7): R2450